Dive academy in Punta Cana

Xavier P. Tapia

A dive instructor since 2010, Xavier has exceed the recreational instructor qualification by leaps and bounds, reaching his Full Cave Instructor. This accomplished entrepreneur was born and raised in Ecuador, Xavier dropped his corporate lifestyle to pursue the dream of a non conventional life. Receiving a masters degree in water and marine resource management and conservation, science and diving allowed him to obtain his technical diving qualifications and become an accomplished dive instructor, ultimately leading into cave diving which is now more an obsession than any other for him!

He is also an avid Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner, so when not diving it’s more likely to find him at the nearest dojo rocking his gi and couliflower ears!

Olga del Mazo Cardiel

Born and raised in Madrid, is an accomplished phycologist and co-director at Rio Psicologia, yoga practitioner, Mindfulness and EMDR specialist. Since her first breath underwater she felt a mindfulness state of mind and the benefits that this brings for stress reduction and general wellness.

This feelings got her involved with the ART OF DIVING, to develop programs that integrate scuba diving as a tool for emotional well-being. As an Attachment specialist, helped to create protocols to strengthen the learning process based in the bond instructor student.

Today Olga is an advanced and rescue diver, with different specialties like deep and enriched air diver, and is currently working to obtain her Divemaster rating.

Pavel Anisimov

Pavel aka “Pasha” is a world citizen, and Dominican by Heart, after finishing his studies in the Institute for nuclear reactors and power plants, he went on vacations and learned to Scuba dive in 2003, and a new passion began in his life! 

As a diver Pash visited several places abroad such as Malta, Bulgaria, Egypt, The Canary Islands, The Maldives Islands, Sri Lanka, and The Dominican Republic.

In 2011 Pasha returned to The Dominican Republic, and became a Scuba Diving Instructor and made Punta Cana his home! 

A Cave diver since 2009, is one of the most experienced cave divers in the island. 

Pash is fluent in English and Russian, and ready to bring you to experience, the best that The Dominican Republic has to offer!

Diving Courses

We still have spots available for the month of November. Train with Xavier P. Tapia. Our global training director that will be running workshops and classes

Spots available:

September / October : Jávea y Madrid

November : República Dominicana

15th – 30th January : República Dominicana

February : República Dominicana

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