Sidemount diver

Sidemount diving

The Open Water Sidemount Diving course is designed to teach divers to properly use twin cylinders in sidemount configuration for open water diving activities. It will discuss the configuration and the peripheral equipment, as well as accessories and maintenance.

Course content includes:

  • The History of Sidemount Diving.
  • Sidemount Diving Today.
  • Overview of Sidemount Diving.
  • Configuration Issues and Tweaks.
  • Sidemount Theory and Operation.
  • Practical Water Skills.

The very first certification agency to offer complete sidemount training programs (including published manuals, course slide presentations for the instructor, standardized exams, and more), for both the open water and overhead environments.

Just as sidemount equipment continues to evolve so has the training for its proper use. In years past, divers interested in sidemount diving were often self-taught, out of necessity. Only a small handful of individuals provided instruction or mentoring.

Today, offers a Sidemount Diving Program for both open water and overhead environments. There is no doubt that interest in sidemount diving will continue to grow in the future committed to be at the forefront of this trend, with effective and proven training techniques.

Diving Courses

We still have spots available for the month of November. Train with Xavier P. Tapia. Our global training director that will be running workshops and classes

Spots available:

September / October : Jávea y Madrid

November : República Dominicana

15th – 30th January : República Dominicana

February : República Dominicana

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